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Large fiber tracts of the brain

Which brain areas are connected to each other by "cables"? The reconstruction of the large fiber tracts provides information about this.

Research at the Faculty of Medicine

On the topic of "Research at the Faculty of Medicine", we have compiled the most important information on the research profile. We answer which funding opportunities are available and how the research management can support our scientists. You will also find research institutions and cooperating institutions, information for young scientists and other important information and dates.

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  • Prof. Dr. Guido Reifenberger

Research Profile

The research profile of the Faculty of Medicine addresses the essential challenges of medicine in the future. Here we provide an overview of all projects with peer-reviewed funding from public funding agencies.

Collaborative Research Centres/Transregios of the DFG enable the processing of innovative, demanding and long-term research projects.
The picture shows the results of an MRI examination of the heart and coronary vessels on the topic of the CRC/Transregio "Aortic Diseases".

In research training groups/graduate schools, doctoral students qualify within a focused research program. - The image shows blood vessels stained with fluorescent dye using lightsheet microscopy. They can thus be "seen" inside the heart wall. Left: healthy heart, right: after infarction, hardly any blood flow can be seen. (CRC 1116 "Master Switches in Cardiac Ischemia")

A research group is an alliance of several scientists that often helps to establish new research directions.
The picture refers to the question of FOR 2723: Health inequalities also arise among young people in the transition from school to work. This question is being addressed by a sub-project of the research group at HHU.

Here you will find all projects funded by peer-reviewed third-party funds, from individual to collaborative research by year and quarter.

The picture shows the view through the door of a laboratory in the field of hepatology at HHU / UKD.

With the "Startup4MED" project, financed by federal funding from the "EXIST-Potentiale" competition, the hospital and faculty want to support start-ups in the fields of medicine, biomedicine and medical technology.

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