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National project proposals

Application procedure

Here you will find a compilation of essential information for applying for your research project.

Please allow sufficient time for a smooth and timely application process for your research project. Please contact us in Research Management as early as possible, but at least 4 weeks before the submission deadline / internal deadline.

This time is necessary because several formal steps are required before you can submit your application.

Necessary information

Please have this information ready for us:

  • What type of application is it? (Initial application / supplementary proposals / cost-neutral extension etc.)

  • Which announcement with which funding body is it?
  • When is the (internal) deadline?

Processing times for the application

You can expect the following times for processing your application:

  • 5 working days to check formal correctness and financial sufficiency (Depending on necessary revisions / additional requirements, this period may be longer).
  • 5 working days to obtain the legally binding signature of the commercial director.

Otherwise, we cannot guarantee timely processing and submission.

  • Do you need a sample for your AZA(P)? We will be happy to provide you with a sample AZA(P) from which you can see the most important details.
  • Please note that for staff calculations that are not based on flat rates, the employer's contribution must be included in the calculation as well as the annual special payment.
  • For early review, you are welcome to send us the xml file of the AZA(P) generated via easy-online.
  • Please submit the final version of the AZA(P) to the funding body only after final approval by the research management in order to avoid unnecessary complications.
  • A new PDF with a free signature field will be generated. Please send a printed copy to the research management. We will use it to obtain the necessary legally binding signature.
  • As a rule, contact persons of the respective project promoter are indicated/named in the announcements. Do not hesitate to contact them! They will be happy to help you, even with specific questions!
  • Persons not named (N.N.) can apply as TV-L E 13-2.
  • Doctoral students according to the usual remuneration (50% / 65%).
  • If persons are named who are grouped higher, you will need an official document confirming this.

In many two- or multi-step application procedures, a legally binding signature is not required for the first step (outline).

Please note that in such procedures the figures given in the "draft proposal" cannot usually be changed afterwards!

In order to ensure that the full proposals are financially adequate, please consult us at an early stage!

In particular, the following should be checked

  • Are the personnel costs adequate? (incl. employer's contribution)
  • How high are the publication costs?
  • What are the IP costs (for possible patents/lawyers' fees)?
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