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Medical Scientist

The Medical Scientist Programme of the Faculty of Medicine aims to support young, non-physician scientists in their long-term research projects and thus offer them a reliable and visible career path in medical research.

Doctoral researchers can apply for funding for scientific projects. This funding instrument is aimed specifically at applicants who have already gained scientific experience documented by publications and who have already independently acquired their own competitive third-party funding. The project must be recognisably far enough advanced so that an external funding application can be submitted within the 2-year funding phase. The aim of the funding is the further development of an independent research profile and, if necessary, the bridging of one's own job financing until qualification for further successful extramural acquisition of competitive third-party funding (e.g. DFG, BMBF, etc.) as a responsible project leader or junior research group leader (e.g. Emmy Noether, Max Eder Programme, etc.).

This funding instrument is aimed at established, excellent scientists in medicine with their own research profile who intend to acquire outstanding individual funding (e.g. Heisenberg professorship, ERC funding, etc.) or collaborative project funding in a coordinating role. The proposal must specify the objective of the intended external funding instrument. The application template differs from the other funding instruments.

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