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Procedure for the appointment of an adjunct professorship

  • The private lecturer submits a written application to the Dean and submits the documents listed in the "Regulations for the Award of the Legal Status and Designation of an "Adjunct Professor" of the Faculty of Medicine of the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf" to the Dean's Office.
  • After receipt of the complete application documents, the Dean's Office requests the vote of the corresponding subject representative(s) of the Faculty of Medicine as well as an internal expert opinion, which proves the successful independent teaching activity.
  • At the meeting of the habilitation committee, the submitted documents are reviewed and the application for the adjunct professorship is discussed.
  • The application is discussed in the next meeting of the Faculty Council with two external reviewers being selected.
  • The reviewers evaluate the scientific career, publication record and teaching concept and make a recommendation.
  • The Faculty Council discusses the reviews and decides to recommend to the Dean's Office the award of an adjunct professorship.
  • The Rector receives the recommendation of the Dean's Council and decides on the award of the adjunct professorship.
  • Official presentation of the certificate by the Dean.

The schedule listed here is only valid under the condition that there are no objections. In individual cases, the actual procedure may deviate due to the decision of the dean.

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