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Exam Management

At the end of each topic and/or study module, there is an interdisciplinary final examination. With the introduction of this cumulative examination concept of our model study program, the Dean of Studies Office has taken over a large part of the organization of examinations.

Creation of Exams

However, you as the subject representative continue to create, edit and manage your exam content. This is done on the online platform of the item management system IMS from UCAN. Upon request, the exam coordinator will provide you with detailed instructions and offer you technical support in using the IMS.

Create and/or use your own internal subject question pool, which you can edit, update and manage constantly and at any time. The import of an already existing question pool is also possible.

In the run-up to the examinations, digital examination envelopes are created in IMS by the examination coordinator and, if necessary, you are requested to enter questions or reminded to do so. You as the subject representative then only have to insert the exam questions by "drag and drop". The number and format of questions to be created is fixed and is displayed as information in each exam. Before printing, you will be contacted for printing approval.

Important: You, as the subject representative, retain the copyright to the exam questions at all times and are therefore responsible for the correctness and correction of the content and form. 

Admission and Attendance

Admission to exams is handled centrally by the Examination Coordination and therefore (usually) does not have to be handled by the subject representatives. Registration and deregistration of students, if required, is done via HIS-LSF (the electronic course catalog of the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf) and is also processed by the examination coordination.

Where necessary, you as subject representative:in and/or your institute/clinic provide the attendance lists from your courses in the respective study or subject blocks. The examination coordination accumulates and publishes this data in the performance tree of the individual students and informs candidates who have not fulfilled the admission requirements of an examination.


The exam coordination coordinates the proctoring schedule and provides detailed instructions on how to conduct the exam. The students are provided with information about the exam procedure and the allocation to the lecture halls via the online platform ILIAS of the HHU.

Formatting, printing and sorting of the questionnaires and answer sheets as well as the preparation of lists of participants and summaries of important information about the exam are carried out by the exam coordinator in the Dean of Studies Office. The exam papers are later packed into standardized boxes and delivered to a central output location. Here they will be taken over by you. As a subject representative, you are responsible for admission control and supervision during the examination as well as for handing in the examination boxes at the central distribution point.

During the exam, a contact person will be available on the phone at all times to answer any questions you may have.


After the exam, an initial evaluation is carried out by the exam coordinator. As a rule, you will receive a detailed examination report with a statistical evaluation of all examination questions after only a few hours. You will then be asked to check the evaluation of your questions and to report back any need for changes in the evaluation of your questions.

For the students, a solution key and a preliminary evaluation will be published in ILIAS by the exam coordination within a short time. From this point on, the objection period against individual exam questions begins. The question objections are managed by the examination coordination and forwarded to you. You have a period of five days for processing.

Furthermore, the longitudinally achieved subject performances are accumulated for the students and published in the online portal. The issuing of written certificates of achievement by the subject representatives can thus be omitted. The reflection of the evaluation statistics of exam questions in IMS enables you as a subject representative to conduct a qualified review.  

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