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Rights and duties of adjunct professors

(1) From the day of the award of the certificate on the conferral of the adjunct professorship, the adjunct professor shall continue to have the right to teach courses independently within the scope of the authorisation to teach.

(2) The adjunct professor shall be obliged to hold courses within the scope of curricular teaching amounting to at least two semester hours per week in each semester. The teaching must be a meaningful addition to the curriculum. The Dean must be notified independently in written form of the proof of teaching provided each semester, at the latest by the beginning of the following semester. 

(3) The teaching obligation shall be deemed not to have been fulfilled if the adjunct professor has not held the required courses without good cause and without the corresponding exceptional approval of the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Medicine.

(4) If there are particularly weighty reasons, the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Medicine may, upon application, grant the adjunct professor leave of absence from his/her teaching obligations for a certain period of time.

(5) The adjunct professor shall be obliged to take part in examinations (e.g. examinations for examinations, doctoral examinations) to an appropriate extent in accordance with the respective examination regulations.

(6) In the case of publications, the adjunct professor is obliged to confirm the affiliation to the Faculty of Medicine by naming the Faculty as a separate affiliation of the author or the adjunct professor.

When submitting publications, care should be taken to ensure that the affiliation used indicates a connection to the Faculty of Medicine and/or the University Hospital and that the respective institution is recognisable. Possible affiliations would be:
Heinrich Heine University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of (xxx), Düsseldorf, Germany
University Hospital Düsseldorf, Department of xxx, Düsseldorf, Germany

(7) The adjunct professor shall continue to have the right to supervise doctoral theses. In doing so, he/she is obliged to provide reliable and responsible supervision.

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