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Our Mission Statement

Resolved by the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Medicine
of Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf on June 25, 2009.

The Faculty of Medicine at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf is a community of learners and teachers that continues to develop through lively interaction and mutual appreciation. The teachers actively support the personal and professional development of the students, whose initiative is encouraged and challenged. The learners support the teachers in the further development of their areas of expertise.

Our Graduates

  • know the physical, mental and social dimensions of health and illness,
  • master the basic medical skills, 
  • make differential diagnoses and develop independent therapy concepts, 
  • master the basics of scientific work, 
  • think critically, taking into account proven findings and (in the clinic) also the individuality of patients, and make decisions on this basis,
  • act in accordance with ethical principles, 
  • communicate appropriately, empathetically and respectfully with patients and colleagues, 
  • know their personal limits and deal with mistakes openly and appropriately, 
  • have competencies in self-organization and time management, 
  • take into account health economic conditions, 
  • communicate their knowledge to others and 
  • are willing to learn and develop throughout their lives.

Our Teaching Staff

  • are contact persons, confidants and role models for the students,
  • are competent in didactics and content and are willing to continuously develop themselves, 
  • are in lively dialogue with students and other teachers, 
  • give stimulating feedback and 
  • receive recognition for their work from the students and the faculty.

Our Curriculum

  • Develops students on a professional and personal level,
  • is patient-oriented, problem-based and interdisciplinary, 
  • Promotes scientific thinking and work, 
  • consists of a core curriculum and offers extensive elective options, 
  • offers freedom for scientific qualification and stays abroad, 
  • inspires students to take responsibility for their own learning 
  • is family-friendly and takes gender equality into account, 
  • is supported by teaching and learning research and 
  • is jointly designed and developed by teachers and students.
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