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The Medical Faculty of the Heinrich-Heine-University

The Faculty of Medicine evolved out of the former Academy of Applied Medicine, which was established in 1907. It soon achieved international recognition when leading practitioners pioneeringly integrated basic research and clinical practice. Today, the Faculty of Medicine comprises 31 institutes, 30 clinics, and two central facilities (an animal experiment facility and a biomedical research center). Moreover, the Faculty of Medicine fosters close cooperation with several associate institutes (LV Rheinland, undefinedDiabetes Research Centre (DDZ), undefinedInstitute for Environmental Health Research (IUF), and undefinedResearch Centre Jülich). The Faculty of Medicine adheres to the integrated approach to teaching and research. Thus, medical students will be introduced to both applied clinical research and current issues of medical practice. Since 1991, the supplementary degree program in Health Sciences and Social Medicine has been complementing the faculty’s traditional course offerings. The faculty’s current and prospective fields of research in the Medical and Natural Science disciplines are: Hepatology, Cardial and Vascular Diseases, Environmental Medicine, Gerontology, Neuro and Behavioral Sciences as well as Infection Biology.

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