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International Affairs

Foreign Applications

For inquiries from students from abroad, we also have different contact persons for different programs and concerns. We provide you with an overview with information on who you can refer affected students to.

The International Department of the Dean of Studies of the Faculty of Medicine manages the applications for Erasmus + studies and organizes the lectures, seminars and clinical electives for the Erasmus+ students.

Erasmus+ Traineeship is a pure scholarship program. This means that applicants only receive financial support from their home university, but must organize the clinical internships themselves. The interested applicants do not apply for an internship at the medical faculty but directly at the desired clinic. The entire process is handled by the respective clinic (analogous to a clinical elective). The clinic itself decides whether or not a place can be offered during the specified period.

Students from our overseas partner universities usually complete short clinical internships (up to eight weeks) with us. The International Affairs section of the Faculty of Medicine's Office of the Dean of Studies manages the applications and organizes the clinical electives for these students.

Interested parties also apply directly to the desired clinic for an internship. The entire process is handled by the respective clinic (analogous to a clinical elective). The clinic itself decides whether a place can be offered in the specified period or not.

Teaching and further Qualification Abroad

As a lecturer you have several possibilities to teach and research abroad. For example, you can organize a lectureship through personal networking, apply for advertised lectureship programs (e.g. from the DAAD) or carry out a teaching stay at a university with the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education in Europe. Detailed information on organizations and funding can be found on the website of the International Office of HHU.

Administrative staff members who are undergoing further education and/or training (e.g. job shadowing, staff training, language courses, etc.) in a European country other than their own can apply for financial support within the framework of Erasmus+ staff mobility.

Further Information

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