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Quality improvement in teaching and studies

The decision on the use of the decentralized quality improvement funds of the Faculty of Medicine is incumbent upon the Dean. The Dean is advised by the Commission for Quality Improvement in Teaching and Studies. It usually meets six times a year, at the beginning, during the course and at the end of the lecture period of each semester.

Teaching Staff

Member Deputy
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Decking Prof. Dr. Martina Krüger
Prof. Dr. Alfons Hugger Prof. Dr. Olaf Picker
Prof. Dr. Harald Rieder  

Academic Staff

Member Deputy
Anne Kuebart Melissa Neubacher


Member Deputy
Robert Kerberger Lilly-Christin Jäger
Miriam Messerschmidt Nils Rüllmann
Carltin Titus Schmidt Emily Schlebes
Oliver Steinhoff  
Simon Stöbel  
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