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University Medicine in Düsseldorf - Chronology

Halling, T.; Vögele, J. (Hrsg.) 100 Jahre Hochschulmedizin in Düsseldorf, 1907 - 2007
1907 Opening of the Municipal Hospitals and the Academy for Practical Medicine
1912 Foundation of the Municipal Sisterhood of the Red Cross
1919 Commencement of clinical teaching
1923 Foundation of the Medical Academy, takeover of the West German Maxillofacial Clinic into the Medical Academy
1931 Establishment of the Dentistry degree programme
1933/35 Expulsion of Jewish staff during National Socialism
1935 Independent right to award doctorates
1943/45 Bomb damage during the Second World War
1945 Closure and reopening of the Medical Academy by the Allies
1945/53 Reconstruction and denazification
1958 Move into the new building for surgery
1965 Foundation of the University of Düsseldorf
1966 Establishment of the Faculties of Medicine and Natural Sciences and Philosophy
1968 Establishment of the first Collaborative Research Centre CRC 30 Cardiology
1973 Takeover of the Municipal Hospitals as medical institutions of the University of Düsseldorf by the State of NRW
1985 Opening of the MNR Clinic
1995 Opening of the Schlossmannhaus (Centre for Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine)
2001 Foundation of the University Hospital Düsseldorf as an institution under public law
2011 Opening of the new medical library O.A.S.E
2013 Establishment of the model study programme in human medicine
2014 Opening of the Centre for Operative Medicine II
2018 Completion of the Medical Research Centre II
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