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Horizon Europe

The Research Management of the Faculty of Medicine supports you in your initiatives under the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon Europe.

The current EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation has a total volume of 100 billion euros for the period from 2021 to 2027. The aim of the funding line is to contribute to building a knowledge and innovation-based society, a competitive economy and sustainable development.

Health research in Horizon Europe

Health research in Horizon Europe is primarily found in Cluster 1 Health (programme pillar 2). This Cluster 1 contains the following six Areas of Intervention:

  1. Health throughout the Life Course
  2. Environmental and Social Health Determinants
  3. Non-Communicable and Rare Diseases
  4. Infectious Diseases, including poverty-related and neglected diseases
  5. Tools, Technologies and Digital Solutions for Health and Care, including personalised medicine
  6. Health Care Systems
Cancer research in Horizon Europe

The topic of cancer is given its own mission Europe's Plan Against Cancer with a budget of €4 billion for relevant actions. The plan is divided into four main action areas with 10 flagship initiatives and numerous funding measures: Prevention, Early Detection, Diagnosis and Treatment, and Improving Quality of Life.

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