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Trainings for Teachers

Starting to teach a model course is always uncharted territory. Especially in our practice blocks, we do many things differently than you might be used to from your own studies. That is why we regularly offer three-hour compact training sessions that prepare you for your role as a teacher in the Düsseldorf Curriculum Medicine or refresh your existing knowledge.

Target group: medical teachers who accompany students during the practice blocks and evaluate their performance.

The training includes short modules on the topics:

  • Basic structure of the Düsseldorf medical curriculum (focus on practice blocks)
  • Teaching at the bedside (UaK)
  • Mini Clinical Examination (Mini-CEX)
  • Learning on the occasion of treatment (LaB)
  • Examiner role

Target audience: medical or science faculty from theoretical or clinical theoretical institutes who teach students in topic or study blocks.

The training includes short modules on the topics:

  • the basic structure of the Düsseldorf Curriculum Medicine
  • communication of learning objectives
  • design of PowerPoint presentations
  • Questioning technique

Target group: Teachers who want to use different digital teaching formats

The training includes short modules on the topics:

  • Blended learning concepts
  • Recording screencasts
  • Active learning with screencasts
  • Making webinars interactive (MS teams, chat, voting, digital whiteboards, chat)

Target group: Examiners who use oral examinations, e.g. in state examinations.

The training includes short modules on the topics:

  • What are good exams?
  • General conditions in the state examination
  • Structured oral examination
  • Exam blueprint


Unterricht am Krankenbett, Mini-CEX, Lernen an Behandlungsanlässen

12.12.2022, 15:00 Uhr - 18:00 Uhr

Zielgruppe: ärztliche Lehrende, die Studierende im Rahmen der Praxisblöcke begleiten und ihre Leistungen bewerten.


    Grundstruktur des Düsseldorfer Curriculum [...]

Digitale Lehre: Aktivierende Webinare mit MS-Teams, spannende Screencasts

19.12.2022, 15:00 Uhr - 18:00 Uhr

Zielgruppe: Lehrende, die verschiedene digitale Lehrformate einsetzen möchten

Das Training beinhaltet kurze Module zu den Themen:

    Blended Learning Konzepte Aufzeichnung [...]
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