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Core Facility Committee

Tasks and members of the Core Facility Committee

According to its structural regulations (§8 para. (2)), the committee's tasks include strategic planning of the Core Facilities, overall budget planning based on the accountability reports, and decisions on the continuation of the Core Facilities based on the accountability reports and evaluations.

Prof. Nikolaj Klöcker (Dean)
Prof. Guido Reifenberger (Vice Dean Research and Young Scientists)
Prof. Andreas Reichert (Scientific Managemen of the Core Facility Electron Microscopy)
Prof. Gerald Antoch (Scientific Management of the Core Facility MRI)
Benedikt Reinhardt (Financial Officer, Dean's Office)
Dr. Ivonne Gamper-Ruau (Scientific Infrastructure, Dean's Office)
Prof. Tom Lüdde (Molecular and Clinical Hepatology)
Prof. Maria Grandoch (Cardiovascular Research)
Prof. Tanja Fehm (Oncology)
Prof. Sven Meuth (Translational Neuroscience)
Prof. Klaus Pfeffer (Infection Medicine and Immunity)
Prof. Hadi Al-Hasani (Diabetology and Metabolism Research)
Prof. Nadja Kairies-Schwarz (Health and Society)
Prof. Arndt Borkhardt (BMFZ Spokesperson)

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