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Plakat des A² Mentoring-Programms

A² Mentoring-Programm

A² is the study-accompanying mentoring program of the Medical Faculty. The name stands for Arzt² (doctor²), because unlike traditional mentoring concepts, the A² mentoring program focuses on the joint development of mentees and mentors. We offer our medical students as well as experienced physicians a comprehensive seminar and coaching program!

  • Susan Schahabi
  • Mentoring
  • +49 211 81-13121

  • Building: 16.61
  • Floor/Room: 03.06
  • Prof. Dr. Stefanie Ritz-Timme
    Prof. Dr. Matthias Schneider
  • Projektleitung Mentoring

Was ist Mentoring?

The term "mentoring" originates from Greek mythology and still stands today for the accompaniment of one or more usually younger, less experienced person/s (mentee/s) by an experienced mentor. In the A² Mentoring Program, we use this system to accompany our students on their way to becoming physicians.

What's A²?

Our Approach

The A² Mentoring Program consists of the four sides "Mentoring, Training, Networking and Coaching".

The comprehensive offering of the A² Mentoring Program addresses both the personal development of the mentees and their mentors. Through this targeted parallel and also joint development, A² contributes to the optimization of the teaching and learning culture at our faculty. In addition, the program creates sustainability for the teaching of self-competence, social-ethical and communication skills in both teachers and learners.

With our innovative mentoring approach, we focus on the strengths of the individual, in line with Humboldt's ideal of education. By reflecting on their own actions and being, mentees and mentors can expand their individual scope for creativity.

With its generous support, the Dr. Günther-und-Imme-Wille Foundation contributes to the special quality of the mentoring program.

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