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Internal research funding

The Faculty of Medicine allocates part of the state subsidy for research and teaching specifically to promoting the Faculty's own research. The Research Committee of the Faculty of Medicine pursues the goal of promoting high-quality and internationally competitive research projects. It has the task of steering this process through the allocation of funding. It decides on the eligibility of projects for funding in accordance with the guidelines adopted by the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Medicine.

Early career researchers

To support scientists at every career stage, the Faculty of Medicine bundles various support programmes such as the doctoral scholarship, the Medical and Clinical Scientist Programme.

First-time applicants for their own research projects will be supported in a structured programme for four months by, among other things, their own faculty-specific mentoring of experienced applicants. 

Further information and contact: Application Workshop

Young researchers with a doctorate can apply for funding for scientific projects. This instrument is aimed specifically at first-time applicants who have already gained scientific experience through publications (at least two first or last authorships), but who have not yet acquired extensive project-related competitive third-party funding (max. 10,000 euros).  The aim of the funding is the development of an independent research profile and the qualification for later successful extramural acquisition of competitive third-party funding (e.g. DFG, BMBF, etc.) as a responsible project leader.

The Faculty of Medicine awards scholarships twice a year for students in the subject of medicine for a period of 6-12 months to carry out an experimental doctoral thesis. The aim of the funding is to create sufficient free space for the medical doctorate and thus enable high-quality research projects.

Collaborative projects

Doctoral researchers can apply for funding for scientific cooperation projects. For networking grants, a joint application by at least two scientists from different institutions is required.

This funding instrument specifically supports collaborations between scientists from different clinics/institutes of the Faculty of Medicine, from a clinic/institute of the Faculty of Medicine together with scientists from another faculty of the HHU or an affiliated institution (DDZ, FZ Jülich, IUF, LVR-Klinikum Düsseldorf).

For new members at the Faculty of Medicine of HHU

Scientists who are new to the Faculty, or scientists e.g. after parental leave, can apply for funding for scientific projects. The aim of the funding is to ensure the continuity of the scientific work and to facilitate later integration into the research priorities, funding and development areas of the Faculty of Medicine. The application must explicitly address how the project fits into the research priorities, funding and development areas and what strategies the applicant will pursue in acquiring external third-party funding based on the project. These funds are not subject to appointment agreements. This funding instrument can only be applied for once.

Eligible to apply:
Doctoral researchers with published preliminary work and successful third-party funding who have newly joined the faculty within the last 24 months or who are resuming their academic work, e.g. after parental leave (≥ 12 months absence).

Doctoral researchers who are not yet members of the Faculty of Medicine and who have successfully obtained funding for their own junior research group (e.g. Emmy-Nöther Programme, Max-Eder Programme) can apply for an additional bonus of € 80,000 if the junior research group is established at the Faculty of Medicine and the funds are administered there.

Please submit your applications according to guideline V by email at .

General information

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