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Procedure of the habilitation process

  • During the meeting of the habilitation committee, the submitted documents are reviewed and the habilitation application is discussed.
  • The habilitation is announced under the agenda item "Miscellaneous" in the Faculty Council.
  • At the meeting of the Faculty Council, the procedure is commenced and the external reviewers for the written postdoctoral thesis are selected.
  • After receiving the reviews, the habilitation committee decides on the acceptance of the written habilitation performance and selects the topic of the habilitation colloquium.
  • The candidate holds his/her habilitation colloquium in the Faculty Council. Subsequently, the candidate receives a certificate confirming that he/she has passed the written and oral performance.
  • The habilitation candidate publishes his/her written habilitation performance in the University and State Library and can thereafter use the title Dr. med. habil. or Dr. med. dent. habil.
  • The habilitation candidate gives his/her inaugural lecture and subsequently receives the venia legendi (usually in the semester after receiving the habilitation certificate). The applicant can now use the title Privatdozent (lecturer who is qualified to teach but without a permanent teach-ing contract).

The schedule listed here is only valid under the condition that there are no objections. In individual cases, the actual procedure may deviate due to the decision of the Dean.

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