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Qualification and career

In order to intensify efforts to realize equal opportunities for women in research and teaching, the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia has launched the program "Chancen ergreifen, Forschung und Familie fördern - Programm für chancengerechte Hochschulmedizin in Nordrhein- Westfalen (FF-Med)".

The aim of the funding is to release selected female scientists from clinical work during the postdoc phase so that they can devote themselves intensively to their habilitation project. The program is thus aimed at young female scientists at the Faculty of Medicine who are in specialist training (Facharztausbildung) or have already completed it and are aiming for a habilitation. The funding modalities particularly support women with family responsibilities.

The funding program is announced annually.  The application deadline is always January 31.

SelmaMeyerMentoring is a personnel development strategy for young female scientists and supports qualified and committed young female scientists in identifying and developing their skills and competencies and systematically integrating them into their career planning.



Study-accompanying mentoring program of the medical faculty with extensive seminar and coaching offers.

The A² Mentoring Program consists of the four aspects: mentoring, training, networking and coaching, and addresses both the personal development of the mentees and their mentors.

A² Mentoring Program

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