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Welcome to the website of the Cardiovascular Research Institute Düsseldorf!

CARID is a cooperative research and teaching unit of the Medical Faculty of Duesseldorf's Heinrich Heine University, established in 2013. CARID's member institutions include a total number of 13 departments and institutes dedicated to primary or priority experimental and clinical research in cardiovascular medicine. Based on interdisciplinary collaboration, CARID pursues the study of cardiovascular functions and their disorders relevant to diseases in the field of cardiovascular medicine.

To learn more about CARID's medical and societal relevance, its member institutions and their representatives, click on the teaser "About CARID" below.

  • Nora Marquardt (M.A.)
  • +49 211 81-05385

  • Building: MFZI 13.58
  • Floor/Room: U1.56
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