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Fassade des MFZI

Medical Research Centre MFZ I

The Medical Research Centre I in the immediate vicinity of the Medical-Neurological-Radiological Clinic (MNR Clinic) of the University Hospital Düsseldorf offers 14 research institutions a research environment of the latest standards on 8,500 sqm of floor space.

The building was financed by the Medical Modernisation Programme (MedMoP) of the NRW state government. As part of this funding programme for construction measures at university hospitals, the state invested a total of 338 million euros in the Düsseldorf site. The building was completed at the beginning of 2022 and is currently being occupied.

The new research centre will be an asset for medical research.

Prof. Dr. Nikolaj Klöcker, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

The new building is already the second centre to accommodate facilities of the HHU Faculty of Medicine that were previously housed on the university campus.

Research facilities at the Medical Research Centre I: 

  • Department of Anaesthesiology
  • Department of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and In-fectiology
  • Department of Dermatology
  • Department of Otorhinolaryngology
  • Institute of Human Genetics 
  • Department of Cardiology, Pneumology and Angiology
  • Institute of Molecular Medicine III
  • Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hospital Hygiene, Laboratory for Environmental Hygiene Diagnostics (LUHA)
  • Clinic of Nephrology
  • Institute of Clinical Neurosciences and Medical Psychology (IKN)
  • Institute of Medical Sciences
  • Department of Radiation Oncology
  • Department of Urology
  • Department of Oral Surgery and Central Admittance
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