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Equality at the Faculty of Medicine

The duties of the Faculty Equal Opportunity Officers are laid down in the Basic Regulations of the Heinrich Heine University. In addition, the tasks and duties of the Equal Opportunity Officers at universities are specified in the Higher Education Act (HG) as well as in the State Equal Opportunity Act (LGG).

We will be happy to answer any questions, suggestions or requests you may have. Please send us an e-mail or contact us by phone for an appointment.

The Faculty Equal Opportunity Officers inform medical students and scientists about the following topics:
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  • Dr. Nadine Lübke
  • +49 211 81-10556
  • Moorenstr. 5
    40225 Düsseldorf

  • Building: 17.11
  • Floor/Room: 03.005.00
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  • Dr. Chantal Marazia
  • +49 211 81-06565
  • Moorenstr. 5
    40225 Düsseldorf

  • Building: 17.11
  • Floor/Room: 03.005.00
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  • PD Dr. Julia Seyfarth
  • +49 211 81-06565
  • Moorenstr. 5
    40225 Düsseldorf

  • Building: 17.11
  • Floor/Room: 03.005.00

Family and career

Already on parental leave and want to work part time during your leave?

If so, please assert your legal entitlement with the Personnel Commission. Please note that you must also use this wording when asserting your entitlement!

In your letter, state how many hours you want to work per week and the period for which the part-time arrangement is to apply. It is advantageous if your direct superiors are in favour of the part-time parental leave arrangement.

If you have any problems with the granting of part-time parental leave, please contact the of the Faculty of Medicine immediately. In the event that part-time parental leave is denied, we can file an objection on your behalf and advise you on how to proceed.


Individual childcare and Silencium

Parents are supported in finding qualified childcare by the Family Counseling Office of the Heinrich Heine University.
The costs for childcare outside the regular care times of kindergartens KiTas etc. will be reimbursed against invoice (max. 10 €/hour; max. 8 hrs. per event; children up to twelve years). For children under the age of three, costs are also reimbursed during regular childcare hours if no daycare place is available. Childcare costs for children with disabilities are reimbursed on a pro-rata basis until the end of compulsory schooling.
Support for childcare is possible in the case of

- Commitment and committee work at the Faculty of Medicine including appointment procedures for
- applicants and committee members
- Events of the Medical Research School
- Events of the Selma Meyer Mentoring Program
- Continuing education events for physicians during residency training.

This excludes events where on-site childcare is provided. For sponsored research projects that provide funding for childcare, the cost will be reimbursed by the third-party funders.
The Silencium
A Silencium is designed to allow parents free space to complete scientific work. In the case of a Silencium, childcare costs are covered for individual days upon presentation of an invoice (max. 10 €/hr, max. 5 days with 8 hours each).
To make use of these offers, please contact the Faculty Equal Opportunity Officer.

Emergency care for children of employees


If you need childcare, call the pme Familienservice hotline and register your child or children.

Hotline pme Familienservice: 0800 801007080

If you call by 6:00 p.m., next-day care is guaranteed. If you notify pme Familienservice of your childcare needs after 6 p.m. the previous day or only directly on the day of care, pme Familienservice will make every effort to cover your childcare needs. However, a care guarantee cannot be given in these cases. Please note that there must be a need for care of at least 4 hours per day and that care can only be taken up for business reasons.

The place of care is the Kita Locomotion, which is located in child-friendly rooms at Siegburger Straße 3.

If you have any further questions, please contact

Tel.: 81-08596


In order to intensify efforts to realize equal opportunities for women in research and teaching, the " Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen" (Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia) has launched the program "Chancen ergreifen, Forschung und Familie fördern - Programm für chancengerechte Hochschulmedizin in Nordrhein- Westfalen" (Seizing Opportunities, Promoting Research and Family - Program for Equal Opportunity in University Medicine in North Rhine-Westphalia).

The aim of the funding is to enable selected female scientists in the postdoc phase to take time off from clinical work so that they can devote themselves intensively to their habilitation project. The program is thus aimed at young female scientists at the Faculty of Medicine who are working in the clinical field and are aiming for a habilitation. The funding modalities particularly support women with family responsibilities.

SelmaMeyerMentoring is a personnel development strategy for young female scientists and supports qualified and committed young female scientists in identifying and developing their skills and competencies and systematically integrating them into their career planning.

More information

News from Mentoring


The HEINE NETwork of female scientists offers all participants the opportunity to get to know each other and to exchange collegial ideas.

You can find more information here.

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