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Evidence of teaching experience and competence

The regulations for obtaining an adjunct professorship prescribe proof of one's own teaching experience and competence. Central criteria are the scope and student evaluation of self-conducted courses and further (medical) didactic training.

More specifically, you will need the following documents for the procedure to obtain an adjunct professorship:

  • Proof of teaching performance - Proof of active participation within the framework of curricular teaching at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf with at least two semester hours per week. The teaching must be a meaningful addition to the curriculum (see Implementation Regulations) - Submission of the form on the scope of the self-conducted courses
  • Student evaluation - results of personal evaluations by students for at least one course per semester.
  • Didactic training - Proof of at least one (medical) didactic training from the last four years before the application.
  • Teaching concept - A concept for and an assurance of future intended teaching activities.
Course evaluation

All the information you need about student teaching evaluations.

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