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Corona News

All regulations and information of the HHU Rectorate in connection with SARS-CoV-2 can be found at www.hhu.de/corona. For students in the PJ and Famulant:innen the regulations of the University Hospital Düsseldorf or the respective clinic apply.

If you have any questions, please contact the staff in the relevant departments directly.

Handling Covid-19 and Quarantine

Please report immediately to the Dean of Students Office by emailing infektion.medizin@hhu.de with details of the period and whether you attended classes during the infectious period (2 days before to 10 days after the first symptoms).
What should I do if I am ordered to quarantine?

In case of a quarantine order, contact the respective study organization (Q1 / Q2 / Q3) with details of the period.

Many subjects offer alternative dates. Contact the subject in question or the study organization Q1 directly.

Up to one day before the exam you can deregister by sending an e-mail to the exam coordination. The presentation of the copy of the quarantine certificate is necessary only from the day of the exam.

For an elective that meets weekly (14 dates), two missed dates are regularly allowed. If two dates have already been missed due to quarantine, a further missed date can be accepted. In the case of an elective that takes place as a block course, the elective provider can decide under which conditions an elective can be credited despite absence.

Will the number of patient admissions and presentations to be made on the ward/outpatient clinic, patient presentations in case conferences and mini-CEX be changed if I am unable to attend practice weeks due to quarantine?

In such a case, simply try to make up the missed patient admissions and presentations in future practice weeks. Report to the study organization (Q2) so that a workable solution can be found for both sides.

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