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Second Degree

If you have already completed a course of study in another degree program at a German university and would now like to apply to medicine or dentistry, you are considered a second degree Applicant.

Application: Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung.

Reasons for a second Degree

About 3% of the slots are reserved for second degree applicants. Please note that when applying for a second degree program, you must justify why the second degree program is necessary for you. Hochschulstart recognizes the following reasons:

  • There are compelling professional reasons if you are aiming for a profession that can only be practiced on the basis of two completed courses of study.
  • Scientific reasons exist if, with regard to a later occupation in science and research, a further scientific qualification in another degree program is sought on the basis of the previous scientific and practical work and this can be credibly demonstrated.
  • Special professional reasons exist if the professional situation is significantly improved by the fact that the completion of the second degree program complements the first degree program in a meaningful way.
  • Other professional reasons exist if the second degree is necessary for other reasons due to the individual professional situation, in particular to compensate for an unreasonable professional disadvantage or to expand the possibilities of the activity pursued with the help of the first degree.
  • Other reasons

Second Degree for Academic Reasons

If you would like to take up a second degree program for academic reasons, you must submit the following documents to the Student and Examination Administration of HHU in addition to your application via Hochschulstart:

  • Certified copy of the diploma of the first degree with grade.
  • Certified copies of all supporting documents and evidence of academic achievements and other activities to substantiate the application for a second degree (expert opinions, letters of recommendation, publications, contributions)
  • Detailed written justification for the desired second degree, including information on previous education and professional activities as well as the desired career goal (all aspects that are relevant for a second degree)
  • Curriculum vitae, if applicable
  • Completed form "Aufnahme eines Zweitstudiums aus wissenschaftlichen Gründen" (admission to a second degree program for academic reasons), which you will receive from Hochschulstart.

The application for a second degree program is only possible for the winter semester for the subject Medicine at HHU. The deadline for submitting the documents for the preparation of an expert opinion is May 31.

If all documents are available to the Student and Examination Administration, they will be sent to an internal university professor who will prepare an expert opinion which will be submitted to the Rector. Subsequently, the expert opinion and all other documents are sent to Hochschulstart by July 20.

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