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Change of Location or Career

Wenn Sie bereits Medizin studieren, aber nach Düsseldorf wechseln möchten oder wenn Sie aus verwandten Fächern (Zahnmedizin, Biologie etc.) einen Quereinstieg ins Medizinstudium planen, können Sie sich formal für ein höheres Fachsemester bewerben. 

Reichen Sie den Antrag auf ein höheres Fachsemester bitte direkt bei der Studierenden- und Prüfungsverwaltung der HHU Düsseldorf ein.


  • 15. September für das Wintersemester
  • 15. März für das Sommersemester

Change of Location

You can apply to enter a higher semester if you are already studying medicine at a university in Germany or abroad and would like to continue your studies in Düsseldorf.

Recognition of study achievements
Study achievements from abroad must be recognized by the NRW State Examination Office prior to application.

Regarding the recognition of study achievements acquired at German medical faculties, please contact the corresponding department in the Dean of Studies Office:

However, the chances of getting into medical school via this route are very low in Düsseldorf. In higher semesters, there are usually only very few places available.  If you are planning to change locations within Germany, it is much more realistic to enter a higher semester by exchanging places.

Change of Career

Students of related subjects (biology, chemistry, physics, etc.) can apply for lateral entry into a higher semester of medicine or dentistry after classification by the NRW State Examination Office.

Recognition of academic achievements
A prerequisite for the recognition of your academic achievements by the Landesprüfungsamt is a certificate of equivalence from the relevant subject representative of a German medical faculty. Prior to admission to medical studies, there is no legal entitlement to the issuance of a certificate of equivalence.

You then submit your performance records together with the respective equivalence certificates to the NRW State Examination Office.

The chances of a successful application are very low overall. If places become available in higher semesters, these are initially allocated to students who have already studied medicine. At our faculty, therefore, there have been no places available for lateral entry in recent years. 

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