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We are continuously working on improving the quality of our studies, which includes in particular the further development of the curriculum as well as quality assurance (QuaSi) in teaching.

Our primary goal is to optimally prepare you for your future profession. With this in mind, we would be very pleased if you would agree to actively support us in this task! As a QuaSi scout, you will primarily evaluate the bedside teaching in the various clinics and institutes, because this teaching format not only represents an essential part of your studies, but the content taught in it also embodies an elementary qualification for your future medical profession.

In addition, your constructive criticism of the individual study blocks will help to improve the didactic aspects of the content and to ensure that the examination content is fair.

Have we aroused your interest? Would you like to receive more information about our QuaSi-Scout initiative? Then we would be delighted to hear from you!

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