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The student evaluation of courses and the study program is a central instrument for quality assurance of teaching and studying. The basic goal is to provide regular and comprehensive feedback to the lecturers and those responsible for the study program on the strengths and weaknesses of the courses and the study program in order to further develop and optimize them. Another goal is to promote communication between all persons involved in teaching and studying and to improve the overall studyability (study and examination procedures, framework conditions, etc.).

All evaluation procedures are carried out using the evaluation software "EvaSys".

Online Evaluation Coverage

The comprehensive, regular evaluation of all courses is carried out using an online procedure. For each survey, students automatically receive a link to the relevant evaluation questionnaire by e-mail from the Dean of Studies Office.

Topic blocks (Q1)
The topic blocks in Q1 are evaluated at the end of the block. The questionnaire includes a separate evaluation of the individual events and finally the evaluation of the entire block.

Practice blocks (Q2)
Practice block classes are evaluated on a weekly basis since the supervising clinics change weekly. The email with the questionnaire link is always sent on the last day of the practice block week.

Study blocks (Q1 and Q2)
Due to the block structure, which provides weekly changing, partly very different thematic units, the evaluation of the events of the study blocks in Q1 takes place weekly. This also includes the practical block weeks. In addition, a final evaluation of the entire block takes place at the end of the block.

The four-week study blocks in Q2 are evaluated at the end of the block. Due to the large number of events, a brief evaluation of the individual events is done first, followed by a final evaluation of the entire block.

Integrated study and practice blocks (Q2)
Practice block instruction in the "Head and Nervous System" and "Life Phases" blocks is done on a weekly basis. The study block portions are evaluated along with a final evaluation of the entire block at the end of the block.

The evaluation of the block "Borderline Situations of Medical Action and Emergencies" takes place for all courses of the block at the end of the block.

Practical year
Since the training in the practical year is not comparable with the typical teaching forms of courses, a separate questionnaire was developed for the practical year. The evaluation for the entire CIY takes place towards the end of the third tertial. For this purpose, students receive a link to the evaluation questionnaire by e-mail from the Dean of Studies Office. The questionnaire asks for an evaluation of the individual tertials one after the other.

The evaluation of the practical year will be changed to a new procedure starting in the winter semester 17/18, which provides for a direct evaluation of the tertials at the end of the respective tertial. Information on this will be provided on this page in good time before the new procedure is introduced.

Program evaluation
Since the summer semester 2014, the study program Human Medicine has been evaluated twice a year. A first survey is conducted at the end of Q1 and another survey at the end of Q2. The aim of these surveys is to identify weaknesses and strengths in the design and structure of the two study sections and to develop approaches for their optimization.

For this purpose, the relevant student cohorts receive a link to the questionnaire for the evaluation of the relevant study section by e-mail from the Dean of Studies Office.

Survey of students at the beginning of their studies
Since the winter semester 13/14, an introductory survey has been conducted for all first-year students at the beginning of their studies. This is carried out by means of paper questionnaires as part of an information event in the subject block "Introduction to Medicine, Man and Society (TB 1)" in order to ensure a high response rate.

Additional Questioning via Physical Questionnaires

In addition to the comprehensive online evaluation of all courses in the core curriculum, it is also possible to evaluate courses using printed questionnaires.

This procedure is suitable for the following areas:

Proof of the quality of personal teaching performance as a prerequisite for habilitation or the acquisition of an apl professorship.
Personal evaluation of courses, parts of courses or courses outside the core curriculum.
The goal is to provide timely feedback to the lecturers (especially also via the free text comments) regarding the perceived quality of their course.

The design of the questionnaires is very flexible. There are standard questionnaires for lectures, practical courses with and without patient participation, UaK and seminars. In addition to the standard questionnaires, individual questionnaires can be created for individual courses, parts of courses (e.g., the section of a lecture given by a lecturer), or specific questions (e.g., evaluation of e-learning procedures within a course).

Upon request (see below for contact address), the Dean of Studies Office will send interested lecturers a questionnaire template to print out. For specific questions, the dean's office creates a suitable questionnaire in close cooperation with the lecturers.

After returning the completed questionnaires, the lecturers receive a short evaluation of the results as well as the raw data upon request.

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